Authors: Nima Gyeltshen and Michael B. Thomas
Citation: Gyeltshen, N. and M.B. Thomas. 2017. Checklist of the Trees and Shrubs of the Royal Botanical Garden, Serbithang. Royal Botanical Garden, Serbithang, National Biodiversity Centre (NBC), Ministry of Agriculture and Forests. Serbithang, Thimphu, Bhutan. 123 p.
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Locality: Bhutan (27.425290, 89.650010)
Abstract: The Royal Botanical Garden, Serbithang was established in 1999 under National Biodiversity Centre, Ministry of Agriculture and Forests, Serbitang as an ex-situ plant conservation area and to commemorate the Silver Jubilee Celebration of the 4th King of Bhutan, His Majesty Jigme Singye Wangchuck. One of the main mandates of the Royal Botanical Garden Serbithang (RBGS) under the National Biodiversity Centre is ex-situ conservation of native plants. Since the establishment of the garden, the living collections of orchids, trees, shrubs and herbs have steadily increased. The garden has grown from degraded pasture land to a dense forest with more than 500 plant species, comprising trees, shrubs and herbs from sub-tropical, temperate, and sub-alpine regions of the country. In order to document the diversity of collections at the garden as well as to educate visitors, this checklist documents the diversity in the garden.

Reference: Gyeltshen, N., S. Dema, K. Tobgay, T. Wangchuk, and C. Gyeltshen. 2017. A Pictorial Guide to the Trees and Shrubs of Royal Botanical Garden, Serbithang, Vol. II. Royal Botanical Garden, Serbithang National Biodiversity Centre (NBC) Ministry of Agriculture and Forests Serbithang, Thimphu, Bhutan. 123 p.

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Families: 40
Genera: 75
Species: 112 (species rank)
Total Taxa: 113 (including subsp. and var.)
Abies densa Griff. - Eastern Himalayan Fir
Evergreen tree up to 40 m., Flowering: April-May.; Nima Gyeltshen 1 [NBC]
Tree up to 15 m., Flowering: April-May.
Tree up to 15 m., Flowering: April-May.
Pendulous epiphytic shrub, 0.5-1.5 m., Flowering: February-May.; S. Miehe & D.B.Gurung 00-456-02 [THIM]
Evergreen tree up to 40 m., Flowering: March-April.
Small tree 3-5 (10) m., Flowering: May-July.; S. Miehe & D.B.Gurung 00-491-01 [THIM]
Shrub 1-1.5 m, deciduous., Flowering: May-June.
Shrub 1-3 m, deciduous., Flowering: April-May.; Ramesh Bedi 47 [THIM]
Deciduous shrub 1.5-3(-5) m., Flowering: January- March.
Tree 60 m or more., Flowering: April-June.
Shrub or tree 1-4 m., Flowering: April.
Shrub 1.5-5 m., Flowering: July-January.
Low growing much branched shrub, 1.5 m., Flowering: April-July.; A.J.C. Grierson 233 [THIM] , Ramesh Bedi 108 [THIM]
Tree 40-70 m., Flowering: March-April.; R. Yangzom... 644 [THIM]
Shrub, 1-5 m., Flowering: August-October.
Shrub or small tree 3-6 m., Flowering: May-June.; Ngawang Gyeltshen... 67 [THIM]
Evergreen tree 6-12 m., Flowering: May.; R. Yangzom 309 [THIM]
Fraxinus floribunda Wall. - Himalayan Manna Ash
Medium tree up to 20 m., Flowering: April.; A.J.C. Grierson... 4560 [THIM]
Medium tree., Flowering: May-June.
Ilex dipyrena Wall. - Himalayan Holly
Evergreen tree up to 12 m., Flowering: April-May.; A.J.C. Grierson 4478 [THIM]
Glabrous shrub or small tree., Flowering: April-May.; Dr. Purna B. Chhetri 1 [THIM] , S. Dorji 1 [THIM] , S. Tshering 87 [THIM]
Tree 6-25 m., Flowering: April-May.
Juniperus recurva D. Don - Weeping Blue Juniper
Evergreen tree to 20 m., Flowering: March-May.; S. Miehe 00-437-09 [THIM]
Deciduous conifer tree 10-20 m., Flowering: April-May.
Small tree., Flowering: June-July.
Shrub 2.5 m or small tree up to 5 m., Flowering: April-June.; A.J.C. Grierson... 4725 [THIM]
Deciduous or semi-evergreen shrub or tree 2-10 m., Flowering: May-August.; A.J.C. Grierson... 1048 [THIM]
Deciduous shrub up to 4 m., Flowering: April-June.
Shrub or tree to 10 m., Flowering: April.; A.J.C. Grierson 4705 [THIM] , A.J.C. Grierson... 4705 [THIM]
Picea spinulosa (Griff.) A.Henry - Eastern Himalayan Spruce
Evergreen tree up to 60 m., Flowering: April-May.
Small shrub 1-5 m., Flowering: February-June.
Evergreen conifer tree 12 , Flowering: April-May.; R. Yangzom... 692 [THIM]
Conifer tree up to 30 m., Flowering: March-May.
Evergreen tree 12-30 m., Flowering: April-May.
Deciduous tree up to 30 m., Flowering: March-April.
Tree 20-25 m., Flowering: March-April.
Shrub or tree 2-10 m., Flowering: March-May.
Tree up to 20 m., Flowering: April
Punica granatum L. - Pomegranate
Shrub or small tree, 2-3 m., Flowering: March-July.
Epiphytic shrub 1-2(-4) m., Flowering: April-July.; S. Miehe 00-452-04 [THIM]
Shrub 1-4 m., Flowering: April-May.
Shrub up to 4 m., Flowering: May-July.
Shrub 0.4-1.3 m., Flowering: April-May.; R. Pradhan 112 [THIM]
Small tree up to 10 m., Flowering: July-September.; R. Nawang 257 [THIM] , R.P. 403 [THIM] , S. Tshering 259 [THIM]
Medium-size deciduous tree up to 25 m., Flowering: May-June.
Robust scrambling shrub 2-3 m., Flowering: February-April.; A.Baskon 2 [THIM] , A.J.Grierson 3035 [THIM] , Bigger 2814 [THIM] , R. Yangzom 479 [THIM]
Salix babylonica L. - Weeping Willow
Tree 4-20 m., Flowering: March-April.
Tree 2-10 m., Flowering: March-April.
Small tree to 5-8 m., Flowering: December.
Tree or shrub 3-10 m., Flowering: April-June.
Small tree 5-10 m., Flowering: May-July.; S. Tshering 1989-08-29 [THIM]
Dioecious evergreen tree 5-12 m., Flowering: March-April.
Tree up to 30 m., Flowering: April-May.
Thuja orientalis (L.) Franco - Chinese Arbor-vitae
Trees or shrubs up to 10 m., Flowering: March-May.
Tsuga dumosa (D.Don) Eichler - Himalayan Hemlock
Evergreen tree 12-40 m., Flowering: May-June.