Cyathus striatus (Huds.) Willd.
Family: Agaricaceae
Fluted Bird
Cyathus striatus image
National Mushroom Centre  
Mata, M., D. Penjor and S. Pradham. 2010. Fungi of Bhutan. National Mushroom Centre, Ministry of Agriculture and Forests, Thimphu, Bhutan.

Local name: No local name known

Edibility: Unknown

Habitat: Scattered or gregarious on dead wood or vegetative debris in open woods.

Description: Fruiting bodies: 1-2 cm tall and 6-8 mm wide, but variable in size. Outer surface:  Greyish buff to dark brown, shaggy to woolly with tufts of hairs. Inner surface:  Distinctly grooved or lined, smooth and shiny. Eggs: Initially concealed by a whitish membrane across the mouth of the cup that withers at maturity and it is up to 2 mm wide, often roughly triangular, enclosed and attached to the nest by cords.

Comments: The combination of a shaggy outer cup surface and a conspicuously striate inner surface make it unlikely to confuse Cyathus striatus with any other bird's nest. Cyathus olla and C. stercoreus resemble it but lack the striate feature on inner surface.