Ampelocalamus patellaris (Gamble) Stapleton
Family: Poaceae
not available
Stapleton, C.M.A. 2000. Bambuseae. In: H. J. Noltie, The Grasses of Bhutan. Flora of Bhutan 3(2): 482-515. Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh and Royal Government of Bhutan.
A. patellaris (Gamble) Stapleton; Dendrocalamus patellaris Gamble; Paiellocalamus patellaris (Gamble) W.T. Lin; Sinocalamus patellaris (Gamble) T.Q. Nguyen; Chimonobambusa jainiana C.R. Das & D.C. Pal; Drepanostachyum jainianum (C.R. Das & D.C. Pal) R.B. Majumdar; Sinarundinaria jainiana (C.R. Das & D.C. Pal) H.B. Naithani. Nep: nibha, ghopi bans; Lep: pajiok. Fig. 7a-c,g,i.
Culms to 12m, to 5cm in diameter, strongly pendulous or semi-scandent above; internodes to 50cm, strongly striate, sparsely black-setose; nodes with prominent, wavy, corky collar. Culm sheath with long-feathered margins; blade broad, reflexed. Leaf sheath glabrous; shoulders rising, with long, erect oral setae; auricles absent; ligule short, fimbriate. Spikelets 2-3cm; florets 4-7; pedicels to 35mm; glumes pale; lemmas darker, deeply furrowed, lightly scabrous, margins long-pubescent; palea nearly glabrous, keels scabrous; apex blunt, shortly ciliate.

Darjeeling (Kalimpong); Sikkim (Jungat). Cultivated, 1220m.

The culms are used for weaving and the leaves as animal fodder.