Akanthomyces arachnophilus (Petch) Samson & H.C. Evans
Family: Cordycipitaceae
Akanthomyces arachnophilus image
Nigel Hywel-Jones  
Mata, M., D. Penjor and S. Pradhan. 2010. Fungi of Bhutan. National Mushroom Centre, Ministry of Agriculture and Forests, Thimphu, Bhutan.

Local name: No local name known

Edibility: Too inconspicuous and rare for culinary purposes.

Habitat: On spiders (Araneae) attached to the underside of forest leaves.

Description Stroma: Cream-yellow to white mycelium completely covering the host. Synnemata: Erect, simple, solitary (or multiple), cylindric up to 6 mm, ca. 50 μm diam., white, composed of parallel strands of hyphae. Phialides: In a monolayer, scattered or locally crowded, globose, smooth-walled, 3.0-4.3μm diam. with a distinct neck, 1.0-2.0 long x 0.5 m wide. Conidia: In long chains, single-celled, smooth-walled, hyaline, cymbiform, 3.5-6.0 x 1.0-1.5μm.

Comments: This has been frequently recorded throughout the Indian Ocean region and has been reported from northern Australia and Thailand. In Bhutan it has been found below 2200 masl.