Leccinum versipelle (Fr. & Hök) Snell
Family: Boletaceae
Orange Birch Bolete
Leccinum versipelle image
National Mushroom Centre  
Mata, M., D. Penjor and S. Pradham. 2010. Fungi of Bhutan. National Mushroom Centre, Ministry of Agriculture and Forests, Thimphu, Bhutan.

Local name: No local name known

Edibility: Edible

Habitat: Terrestrial among mosses and solitary to scattered.

Description: Cap: 8–15cm in diameter, parabolic to convex, reddish orange with tiny black mole like structures all over the cap, very slightly viscid and the margin is overhanging the pores. Hymenophore: Tiny pores, whitish at first later developing greyish, white tube bruised to chocolate brown when handled. Stem: 4-9cm, whitish- greyish covered with woolly brownish-black scales with white mycelium at the base. Flesh: White then dark brown but blue-green in stem base, finally blackish. Spore Print: Brownish.

Comments: Leccinum scabrum which occurs under birch has a brown cap; its stem flesh does not display a marked colour change when it is cut but turns darker very slowly. Although it is said to be edible care should be taken not to mistake it with other similar species.