Cystoderma granulosum (Batsch) Fayod
Family: Agaricaceae
Cystoderma granulosum image
National Mushroom Centre  
Mata, M., D. Penjor and S. Pradham. 2010. Fungi of Bhutan. National Mushroom Centre, Ministry of Agriculture and Forests, Thimphu, Bhutan.

Local name: No local name known

Edibility: Inedible

Habitat: Growing scattered and terrestrial.

Description: Cap: 1-5 cm, dry, convex with an enrolled margin, densely covered with conical granules and warts, broadly convex or flat as it matures, tawny brown to brick red coloured. Hymenophore: Free gills, close, lamellate and white coloured.  Stem:  2-5 cm tall, equal or somewhat tapering at the base, solid, covered with granules and scales and con-coloured to the cap. Flesh: Whitish and not bruising. Spore Print: White.

Comments: The colours of this species are extremely variable, but in most collections the cap and stem are tawny brown to brick red-or paler when faded by sunlight. Like other species of Cystoderma, Cystoderma granulosum has a cap densely covered with granules which, as the mushroom matures, may begin to separate or wear away. There is no true ring on the stem, the lack of a ring and the inamyloid spores will help to separate Cystoderma granulosum from other species in the genus, as will the lack of cystidia.