National Mushroom Centre - Observations (NMC-FUNGI-observe)

During the creation of the publication entitled the Fungi of Bhutan (Mata, M., D. Penjor and S. Pradham. 2010), 41 fungi species were observed but were unable to be collected as a specimens. Below is the checklist of these species. The wild mushroom unit at NMC plans to explore the original site locations for specimens to collect.

The National Mushroom Center (NMC) has developed extensive experience in production and marketing of edible and medicinal mushrooms. The National Mushroom Centre (NMC) is based in Wanchutaba, Thimphu. The Centre staff report directly to the Horticulture Division of the Department of Agriculture. One of the primary activities of the Centre is to develop the National Fungi Herbarium from collecting wild mushrooms, identifying the specimens and drying the fungi specimens for preservation in the herbarium. Currently, more than 850 fungi specimens including poisonous, edible, and medicinal fungi have been collected. Specimen data is databased and specimens are digitally imaged with data published in a publicly available specimen data portal. The herbarium collection is being expanded through additional field expeditions and collecting throughout Bhutan.
Contact: Dawa Penjor (, Program Director or Sabitra Pradhan (
Collection Type: Observations
Management: Data snapshot of local collection database
Last Update: 8 April 2018
Rights Holder: National Mushroom Centre, Royal Government of Bhutan
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National Mushroom Centre
Department of Agriculture
Ministry of Agriculture and Forests
Wanchutaba, Thimphu   
Collection Statistics:
  • 54 specimen records
  • 54 (100%) georeferenced
  • 41 (76%) with images
  • 48 (89%) identified to species
  • 30 families
  • 44 genera
  • 46 species
  • 48 total taxa (including subsp. and var.)
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